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18+ Hamirpur Viral Video City Forest Telegram Link (April 2024)

Hamirpur Viral Video City Forest Telegram Link: A disturbing case of violence and degradation recently emerged in Hamirpur district, Uttar Pradesh. A woman was brutally beaten and stripped by six men in a forest area, an act of depravity recorded and circulated on social media including Telegram. The viral video sparked outrage among the public and authorities.

Police quickly apprehended the six confessed perpetrators, though the identity and location of the victim and her companion, also assaulted, remain unknown. Authorities are working with the neighboring Jalaun district police to find them, as the forest borders the two districts. This unfortunately wasn’t an isolated event; a similar viral video prompted an earlier investigation into comparable crimes in the same city forest.

What motivates such heinous acts? How do the victims cope with the trauma? How can we prevent similar crimes in the future? This incident raises those critical questions. The public demands answers to promote justice and ensure the safety of all citizens.

What is the Hamirpur Viral Video City Forest Telegram Link?

A disturbing Telegram channel called “Hamirpur Viral Video City Forest” allegedly shared videos of the heinous crimes committed by six men in Hamirpur’s city forest. Run by someone named Ravi who claims to be a journalist, the channel’s 10,000+ subscribers could view other videos of similar incidents in the same forest, exposing an underworld of criminals and corrupt officials.

Hamirpur Viral Video City Forest Telegram Link

The channel has been accused of violating victims’ privacy and dignity while spreading fake news and rumors. Police have filed a case against the channel and are trying to identify its owner and members.

After public complaints and government pressure, Telegram blocked the abusive channel. But its videos still circulate, and authorities demand justice for faceless victims exploited for entertainment through social media’s unchecked power.

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What was the Hamirpur Viral Video City Forest Telegram Link?

It was a Telegram link that shared inappropriate videos of crimes against women in Hamirpur’s city forest.

Why did the Telegram link become controversial?

It spread videos exploiting criminal acts against women for entertainment, violating privacy and dignity.

How did authorities respond to the link?

Police worked to identify those involved while filing cases, and Telegram blocked the link after complaints.


The Hamirpur Viral Video City Forest Telegram Link uncovered an online underworld exploiting crimes against women. As we seek justice, we must reflect on preventing future abuse. Progress lies in cultivating respect, empathy, and accountability – enabling all women to live dignified lives without fear.