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18+ Islamia University Viral Video Telegram Link (April 2024)

A video allegedly showing an intimate encounter between two students at Islamia University in Pakistan has recently surfaced online. While the video’s authenticity is unconfirmed, it has been widely shared on Telegram groups with sensationalized claims. Viewing or sharing this exploitative content raises ethical concerns. The students involved deserve privacy, not public shaming. Nor should we enable cyberbullying or unlawful distribution of intimate media without consent.

The situation prompts important conversations about campus culture, consent, victim-blaming, and privacy rights. However, clicking dubious Telegram links out of curiosity or outrage often does more harm than good.

A better approach is advocating for the well-being of those involved, emphasizing the humanity in others even when they make mistakes, and uplifting shared values of dignity and mutual care. If we react with wisdom and empathy, this can be a teaching moment that brings our community closer together.

What is the Islamia University Viral Video Telegram Link?

In 2023, a shocking scandal exposed the privacy breach of thousands of women at Pakistan’s Islamia University Bahawalpur. Some staff members of the university had secretly filmed around 5000 videos of female students and teachers and sold them to porn websites.

Islamia University Viral Video Telegram Link

The police caught several culprits, including a professor named Ejaz who had 5500 nude images and videos on his phone. The students and the public were outraged and protested for justice and accountability for the victims.

The videos are still available online through a Telegram link, which is illegal and unethical. The scandal has brought shame and humiliation to the university and endangered the safety and security of women in Pakistan.

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Write 3 faqs with one sentence answer on “Islamia University Viral Video Telegram Link”

The Islamia University Viral Video Telegram Link is a term that refers to a scandal that rocked Pakistan’s Islamia University Bahawalpur in 2023

How did the Islamia University Viral Video Telegram Link happen?

The videos were allegedly recorded by hidden cameras installed in the campus and were sold to porn sites for money by some staff members of the university.


Islamia University Viral Video Telegram Link Bahawalpur faced a horrific scandal in 2023 when thousands of women’s private videos were leaked online by some staff members. The victims need justice and protection. The authorities should act fast and punish the culprits. The videos should be deleted and the Telegram link should be blocked. The scandal threatens women’s security and dignity in Pakistan.