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18+ Manipur Viral Video Without Blur Telegram Link (April 2024)

Manipur Viral Video Without Blur Telegram Link viral video has sparked outrage in Manipur. Filmed July 16, 2023, it shows a group of men brutally assaulting two women with sticks and stones, stripping them naked while hurling abusive threats. The graphic video was allegedly leaked and spread on social media, including Telegram, where the unblurred original appeared on a channel called Manipur Viral Video.

This channel’s thousands of subscribers could also view other videos of similar violent acts in the same village, exposing the region’s endemic lawlessness. Police have filed a case and arrested four perpetrators, though two remain free. The victims and families have not yet come forward, leaving the motive unclear.

The video has provoked concerns about women’s safety and dignity in Manipur, along with the role of media and social media in spreading such crimes. As authorities pursue justice, broader change is still needed to address the roots of gender violence. The people of Manipur deserve to live with dignity and security. This horrific incident must spark deeper reforms to foster a just society where human rights are valued above views and viral shares.

What is Manipur Viral Video Without Blur Telegram Link?

A disturbing Telegram channel called “Manipur Viral Video Without Blur” claimed to share the unedited, graphic video of two women stripped and paraded in a Manipuri village. The channel’s over 15,000 subscribers could also view other videos depicting similar violence in the lawless region.

Manipur Viral Video Without Blur Telegram Link

In spreading these unblurred crimes without consent, the channel violated victims’ dignity and privacy. It faced accusations of spreading fake news too. Authorities filed charges against the channel and sought to identify its owner and members.

After public complaints and government demands, Telegram blocked the abusive channel. But its videos still circulate, sparking concerns about justice for exploited victims and the need to address the roots of gender violence through meaningful reforms.

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What was the Manipur Viral Video Without Blur Telegram Link?

It was a Telegram link that shared a graphic video of a violent crime against a woman in Manipur without blurring.

Why did the Telegram link raise concerns?

It spread the unblurred violent video violating the victim’s privacy and dignity for entertainment.

How did authorities respond to the link?

Police worked to identify those involved while filing cases, and Telegram blocked the link after complaints of abuse.


The Manipur Viral Video Without Blur Telegram Link video reveals technology’s capacity to exploit crime at humanity’s expense. In numbly sharing provocation, we forget the human toll. Progress requires justice plus cultivating a society of accountability and empathy that honors all dignity, online and off. For we must uplift, not degrade, one another.