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20+ Russian Telegram Channels and Groups Link (April 2024)

Let’s talk about the Pro Russian Telegram Channels if you are looking to watch Russian content without spending a single penny then you are in the right place because today we are going to discuss the best telegram channel related to Russian content which is going to deliver all the uncensored content absolutely free of cost.

So, if your desire is so then make sure to read the whole article. All the information listed in the article is 100% safe and secure. No, users are getting any suspicious activity from the Learn Russian Telegram Channel admin.

It shares authentic as well as real content with all the subscribers. As per the stats, the Russian audience hits 30 million users in 2022.

What are Russian Telegram Groups?

Russian Telegram groups are made by the Russian people. You can now take any idea about the craze of Russian content.

The demand for Russian content is increasing day by day and in the near future, it is going to be increased by 50 million subscribers base. It is a good resource for uncensored information and many more.

Russian Telegram Channel

The most popular short videos in Russia are dedicated to short trash videos. Lots of videos of accidents, rapes, and murders are found here.

All the channel has a great collection of content that may impress you more. So, let’s see some of the top telegram channels highlighted below.

We have highlighted some of the good Telegram channels related to Russian below must be sure to check them once. Don’t forget to check the Ukraine Telegram Group and Channel.

Best Russian Telegram Channels 2024

Check out the list of Russia Ukraine Telegram Group Link to make new friends.

#1. Russian Drift series

This is the most popular Telegrams English Russian group which shares a set of uncensored information.

You can get quality videos on this channel. If you love to watch funny and bold videos then make sure to join this channel. The subscriber base of the channel is 24k.

#2. Russian

This is another popular Russian Telegram group link. It has a great collection of bold videos and photos which is found to be very engaging. The subscriber base of the channel is 3k subscribers.

#3. Binance Russian

This Russian crypto Telegram group shares all the content in the Russian language. All the content of the channel holds great quality.

The subscriber base of the channel is 12k subscribers. This is one of the top Russian Telegram channels.

#4. Russia MFA

You can join this Russian music Telegram channel if you are willing to get information related to Russia.

It never shares any fake information. The fan base of this channel is 32k subscribers.

#5. Big Russian Boss

If you love to gather information and videos related to Russian countries then you can join these Russian groups on Telegram.

This shares all the information in the Russian language. When we talk about the subscriber base of the channel, it has approx to 11k subscribers.

Russian Channel NameJoin Link
Russian Drift seriesClick Here
RussianClick Here
Binance RussianClick Here
Russia MFAClick Here
Big Russian BossClick Here
RT in RussianClick Here
Russian Embassy in AustraliaClick Here
18+ Russian movies HDClick Here
Huobi RussianClick Here
FTX RU/CISClick Here
🎬New Russian moviesClick Here
TASS Russian news agencyClick Here
Ukraine WAR🇺🇦🔞 News☠️Click Here
Consulate General of the Russian Federation in ConstanţaClick Here
Nangi Ladki Videos RussianClick Here
Russian Girls Deshi Bhabi videoClick Here

Russian News Telegram Channels 2024

RT_EnglishClick Here
Latest Russian newsClick Here

Russian Ukraine War News 18 April 2024

Russian President Vladimir Putin held a scaled-back Victory Day ceremony in Moscow on Tuesday despite the Kremlin’s aggressive invasion of Ukraine. He reiterated his false assertion that the West had engaged in a “true war” with Russia.

Thousands of people crowded the streets surrounding Moscow’s Red Square for a patriotic event honouring the Soviet Union’s role in defeating Nazi Germany in World War II.

Victory Day is the most significant day in Putin’s calendar because he has traditionally used it to rally the public, display the country’s military prowess, and criticize the historical injustices he claims Western nations have imposed on his nation.

The Russian president has customarily led the annual military parade on Red Square with displays of military hardware, including tanks, missiles, and other weapons systems, before a wreath-laying ceremony to honor those who lost their lives in battle takes place close to the Kremlin wall.

The military minister, Sergei Shoigu, predicted that this year’s parade would include more than 10,000 participants and 125 units of various weapons and apparatus.

According to the ministry from the previous year, the military parade included an airshow of 77 aircraft and helicopters, 11,000 participants, and 131 different types of armaments.

However, on Tuesday, Moscow’s annual parade appeared to be scaled back as only one classic T-34 tank from World War II was in charge of the mechanised column.

What are the most popular Russian Telegram Channels?

We have highlighted some of the most popular Telegram channels. So, if you are looking for the same must go through each of them.

What is a Telegram canal?

It is a form of one-way messaging where only the admin can send and post any message.


If you love to watch the Russian Telegram Channel and Russian information then you should check all these Russian Telegram groups.

You will find a variety of content on the channel. Hope you liked the article and are willing to read more about it.